Conference dedicated to 20th century Armenian Church figures to be held in Los Angeles

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US Western Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, under Archbishop Hovnan Terterian's leadership will hold a symposium on the topic "The outstanding figures of the Armenian Church in the 20th century" on October 8, 2019 at the Church of St. Ghevondyants in Los Angeles.

During the conference, clergymen and armenologists will present reports on our renowned clergymen of the last century, including Mkrtich A Khrimyan Hayrik, Malachia Arch. Ormanian, Komitas Vardapet, Georg E Surenyants, Khoren A Muradbekyan, George Z Chorekchyan, Vazgen A Palchyan, Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin A Sargisyan, Garegin Hovsepyants, Garegin Khachaturyan, Arch. Galustian, Torkom Arch. Manukyan. The biographies of the latter, as well as the concept of the conference suggest that our church and the state have been and continue to be completing each other up to our, regarding the new generation.

We invite our partners in Armenia and abroad to participate in the conference (directly or remotely). Preferred topics are the activities of our 20th century church and prominent clergymen. You can send an application form to, addressing the participant's data, workplace, academic title, topic title and brief annotation on the subject's overall content. The report must not be published in the past. The deadline for filing bids is June 30, 2019. Accepted reports will be published in a separate collection.

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