Armenian-Russian strategic relations are bound with centuries-old history – Putin

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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin emphasized the strategic nature of the Armenian-Russian relations, ARMENPRESS reports Putin referred to Armenian-Russian relations in a meeting with Armenian PM Nikol Pashinan on October 1 in Yerevan.

“I want to emphasize the strategic nature of the Armenian-Russian relations. They are not based just on the period of the recent years or decades, but the centuries-old history of our peoples”, Putin said.  

The Russian President congratulated PM Pashinyan for the results of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council meeting held earlier today in Yerevan. “They are really positive, including in terms of developing our relations with our partners of the 3rd countries. And what is not less important, or maybe the most important for us, is that all the agreements between the member states of the organization have been implemented. You are the individual who made maximal efforts for such a productive work. For that reason I not only congratulate you, but also want to thank you”, Putin said.

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