Armenian PM receives CSTO Secretary General candidate

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Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashiyan held a meeting on May 28 in Yerevan with Stanislav Zas, Belarus’s Secretary of Security Council and candidate for Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

Ambassador of Belarus to Armenia Igor Nazaruk was also present at the meeting, the PM’s office said in a readout.

The CSTO chief’s office is vacant since November 2018, when Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov, an Armenian general, was dismissed by the organization following Yerevan’s initiation of criminal proceedings against him in a case concerning the 2008 post-election unrest. In 2008, Khachaturov was commanding the Yerevan garrison of the military.

The PM welcomed the officials and highlighted the fact that CSTO member states reached agreement regarding the candidacy for Secretary General.

“I am happy that we reached agreement that from January 1, 2020 you will assume the CSTO Secretary General office at the principle of rotation. The CSTO is one of the most important elements of Armenia’s security system and Armenia is interested in the productive work of the Organization. CSTO activities in our region must contribute to maintenance of balance and peace in our region,” Pashinyan said.

The Armenian PM added that CSTO members must act in conformity with the spirit and letter of the Organization’s charter, and that Armenia is committed to these principles. He expressed hope that Stanislav Zas in his future capacity will contribute to cooperation in the security sector between member states and raising effectiveness of collective security.

Zas thanked PM Pashinyan for the reception and for Armenia’s approval of his candidacy. He noted that during his tenure he will make maximum efforts to increase the productivity of the CSTO activities and to develop cooperation between its member states.

The sides also discussed issues concerning cooperation within the Organization. Security challenges, military-technical partnership, maintenance of military balance in the region and other topics were addressed.

Pashinyan added that Armenia is set for continuing joint work in an atmosphere of dialogue for developing a working agenda and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Zas once more emphasized that by assuming the Secretary General position from 2020 he will serve for the realization of these very goals and will strengthen security partnership between the member countries.

Stanislav Zas also congratulated the PM and the Armenian people on the occasion of Republic Day, May 28th, wishing peace, welfare and prosperity.

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