Armenia remains EAEU leader in terms of economic growth

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The GDP in the EAEU member states rose by 1% in January-June 2019 against the same period of 2018. Like the previous year, this year again Armenia recorded the highest growth of GDP, amounting to 6.8%, followed by Kirgizstan with 6.4%. In the mentioned period investments in the Union rose by 2.1%, where Kazakhstan recorded the highest rise – 11.7%.

ARMENPRESS reports the Eurasian Economic Commission published the main social-economic indexes of the EAEU member states for the period of January-July of the current year. In the mentioned period, except foreign and mutual trade, the EAEU recoded growth in all the remaining aspects.

In the mentioned period industrial output amounted to 685.7 billion USD in the Union, which is an increase of 2.6% against last year. Russia’s share in the total industrial output of the Union amounts to 88.4%, Kazakhstan’s share is 6.5%, Belarus’s share is 4.5%, while Armenia’s and Kirgizstan’s share is 0.3%.

EAEU’s agricultural output has increased by 2.8%. Here Belarus has recorded the highest growth – 5.6%. Armenia recorded decline by 6.5%.

Construction in the Union grew by 0.8% in the mentioned period. Kirgizstan and Armenia recorded decline in this sphere – 0.4 and 16.3% respectively.

Mutual trade between EAEU member states declined by 5.4% in the 1st quarter of 2019 against the same period of the last year, while external trade volume declined by 2.2%. Only Armenia and Belarus recorded growth in external trade.

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