Armenia continues to be at high economic growth

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We have had a 7.6% economic activity index in August 2019, as compared with August last year, which means that Armenia continues to remain in the domain of high economic growth. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan noted this in a Facebook post.

As per Pashinyan, as of August, the 2019 annual indicators of Armenia are as follows: Economic activity index - 7%, industrial growth - 9.5%, construction growth - 4.4%, trade growth - 9%, services growth - 15.5%, average monthly salary increase - 5.7%, and export growth - 4.6%.

“Let me add that not only did we not have inflation in August, but some deflation was recorded,” the PM also wrote. “Overall, Armenia continues to be in the domain of low inflation indicators.

“These are pretty good indicators, and they should encourage us all for better work.”

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