Armenia's exports to EEU countries increased by 20%: Pashinyan

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“It is a great honor for Armenia to chair such an important international organization as the EEU and host the heads of government of the states who we live in the same integration space with”, - said Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, welcoming the participants.

According to him, participation in the EEU is one of the priorities of the government of Armenia.

“The government of Armenia is committed to productive participation in the organization, making efforts to improve the mechanisms and improve the efficiency of the organization. Today, radical changes are taking place in the republic, affecting almost all aspects of society, large-scale reforms are being carried out, the ultimate goal of which is to create a competitive, technologically developed economy and society based on universal principles of equality and the rule of law, measures are taken in the speheres of taxation and tax administration, optimization in the public administration system, ” - Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister stressed that all steps are being taken to create the conditions for realizing creative, intellectual and business potential and attracting foreign investment.

“Armenia today is a dynamically developing country that demonstrates political stability and predictability, the Armenian government enjoys a high level of legitimacy and unprecedented public confidence. It obliges and inspires to work for the good of the country. Government priorities are in harmony with the philosophy behind the Union. Participation in it is seen as a tool to achieve the goals and objectives of the government. There is a steady increase in trade with countries. Exports have grown by 20%, trade in general by more than 11%, ” - stated Pashinyan.

According to the Prime Minister, an important place is occupied by the issue of common markets for oil and gas and petroleum products.

“It is necessary to intensify efforts aimed at resolving issues of pricing for energy carriers, taking into account the transit of components. Armenia is ready to make all efforts aimed at expanding the geography of free trade agreements and attracting new partners, ” - he said.

According to Pashinyan, an important place on the agenda is occupied by the issues of diversification of the Eurasian transport infrastructure, financial services, expanding the legal framework for the realization of the rights of migrant workers, using the potential of domestic tourism within the union, ensuring conditions for business development and healthy competition.

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