Exhibition on Armenian culture opened in Jewish Grand Synagogue of Edirne, Turkey

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Opening of an exhibition dedicated to Edirne's once Armenian community took place in the European part of Turkey, in Edirne (historically known as Adrianapolis), bordering Bulgaria and Greece, ermenihaber.am informs.

The exhibition entitled "Edirne and the Armenian Community" opened in the Jewish Grand Synagogue in Edirne.

The exhibition presents photographs and postcards. Work on the Edirne Armenians' life, written by Roy Arakelyan, a French with Armenian origins (descendants of the Armenian Arakelyan family), living in Edirne, served as a basis for the exhibition.

Edirne Police Chief - Ali Kemal Kurt, Head of the Edirne Foundation's Regional Body - Osman Guner and former head of the Jewish community in Turkey - Silvio Ovadia, were present at the opening of the exhibition, which was held by Rachel Mesulam's curatorship.

The organizers emphasized that in their synagogue they are trying to present not only the Jewish culture, but also that of Edirne's multicultural past. It is noteworthy that the exhibition will be open until April 28 and will be open to visitors on April 24.

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