Armenian cuisine: Panrkhash

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The traditional Armenian dish "Panrkhash" is as popular today as it was several centuries ago.

Panrkhash is made from simple products that can almost always be found in any fridge: cheese (preferably buried in the ground or “horats panir”), lavash bread, onions, water, oil and sunflower oil, greens.

The name comes from the words "panir" (cheese) and "khashel" (to cook). In the old days, this dish was given special attention. Gathered with guests, family members at the table, handed out pottery to everyone, laid out products in the center.

The soup is prepared in portions to everyone at ease. Lavash and cheese should be taken in approximately equal proportions. It is necessary to tear off a sheet of lavash, like a sheet of paper and put it together with raw layers in a bowl for soup until the plate is full.

Onion cut into half rings or cubes and fry in butter. For each plate you need 1 spoon of this frying, based on this, calculate the amount of butter.

Add pike to lavash with cheese, pour over boiling water so that lightly, barely covered bread and cheese. Stir and eat. Salt is not necessary. Optionally, you can sprinkle with parsley.

Very fast, very tasty!

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