Armenian cuisine: Thal (ghaurma)

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For 1.5 kg of beef:

200 g of baked butter,

100 g of onions,

2 eggs,

12 g of flour,

80 g of rice,

50 g of milk,

30 g of brandy;

salt, pepper, tarragon to taste.


Cut the lamb carcass into pieces and remove large bones. Cut the meat into pieces weighing 200-250 g, salt and leave for 7-8 hours. Then wash the meat, boil until half cooked and remove the remaining bones. Fry prepared lamb in fat tail until ready. Put ready meat tightly in earthenware dishes, pour melted tail fat so that it covers the meat. In this form, leave thal for storage. As thal is consumed, it is necessary to add melted fat to the dishes so that the remaining meat is covered with a sufficiently dense fat layer. If during storage of food on the surface of the fat cracks appear - this is a sign of meat spoilage. Thal can be eaten both hot and cold; various other dishes can be prepared from it as well. Thal can also be cooked from beef.

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