Another slap in the European democracy face

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On the eve, late in the evening, another horrific terrorist act took place in the very heart of Europe. This time the target of the criminals was one of the most important centers of European democracy, Strasbourg.

As reported by the BBC agency, citing French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, the terrorist, whose identity has already been established, entered the trade fair organized on the occasion of Christmas in the city center and opened fire, killing 3 and wounding 12 people.

This is the first terrorist attack on the territory of Strasbourg over the past year. The attackers seem to have deliberately chosen this city in which the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, as well as various executive bodies of the European Union are located.

Worst of all, the regular session of the European Parliament is being held in Strasbourg these days. By the way, the parliament during the last session, having forgotten about all the existing problems, was thinking about how to effectively deal with the “criminal Putin regime”.

Another amazing fact. It turns out that this 29-year-old criminal - a native of Strasbourg with a “typical French name” Sharif Shekat, has long been the focus of attention of law enforcement officers, who, apparently, were waiting for more specific actions to not disturb the young man. And they got received it after the terrorist attack: during the search in the house of Shekat, weapons and ammunition were discovered in huge quantities, including grenades.

So it turns out, when a democratic Europe, not seeing a log in one’s own eye, complains of a straw in someone else’s. Thus, the whole of 2018 passed under unprecedented pressure on the leadership of the Russian Federation, as well as under the sign of the implementation of various economic and political sanctions. That is the case of Skripale, chemical weapons used in Syria, cyber warfare, then aggression against neighbors. When the last riots began in France, I was looking forward to blaming the Russians for this. Recently, a similar accusation at the official level finally came up. The Russian Foreign Ministry called it absurd.

And this is the case when the Russians, represented by President Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and other key figures, have repeatedly offered European and American partners extensive cooperation, especially in the fight against terrorism.

The world that calls itself a democratic world, first of all, Europe, does not want to see the real danger to it. France, Germany, the once peaceful and safe Scandinavian countries are flooded with migrants who don't give a damn about democracy and European values. Not having a permanent job, not being able, and often, simply not wanting to put up with European culture, the newly minted French, Belgians or Germans from the Middle and Near East, who received citizenship under a simplified version, were able to oppress the local population, say, for several years rape minors and, at the same time, remain completely unpunished, because the police do not want to be accused of racism, as happened in good old England with its overly democratic leadership.

If everything continues in the same spirit, in a few decades we will simply not have Europe, which in its best years was a kind of locomotive of civilization. The continent will forever lose its cultural and demographic image or, as an alternative, put forward fascist movements that are already fraught with rather dangerous consequences. The time has come for European politicians to finally understand and realize this very sad reality.

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