What can we expect from another military exercise of Azerbaijan?

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Azerbaijan and Turkey will hold joint exercises in Nakhichevan on June 7. This is the fourth exercise in the last three months and the second joint one. Only in May, Azerbaijan held military exercises twice, once with the active participation of the Turkish Armed Forces.

And the day before, an Armenian soldier was killed by an enemy sniper shot. Earlier, the Artsakh Defense Army reported that the Azerbaijani side violated the cease-fire 3,500 times.

However, the tough statement of the RA Foreign Ministry condemning the deliberate steps taken by Azerbaijan towards aggravating the situation, although it was very appropriate, nevertheless, did not change anything. As before, the Azerbaijani side violated the cease-fire. However, the danger lies in the fact that, along with numerous violations of the cease-fire regime, the enemy sharply increased the number of large-scale military exercises conducted.

These exercises are conducted with the active participation of Turkish military units. Their involvement in joint exercises is a clear message to Armenia, that in the event of a possible start of hostilities, they will act together.

Thus, Azerbaijan and Turkey show that the ring around Armenia is shrinking, that they are not going to make any concessions and are not ready for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. Thus, the theses on a peaceful settlement are just statements by the co-chair countries - Russia, the United States, France, and in fact one of the conflicting parties is actively preparing for war.

This entire is happening against the background of a deepening split in Armenian society, when artificial discourses are introduced into circulation regarding theses of the Armenian-Karabakh and so on. It is clear that all this is being done to split our society, sow an atmosphere of hatred and distrust.

Unfortunately, it is worth noting that this policy has already yielded certain “results”: distrust is growing against the background of activating military exercises of the enemy. Armenians, more than ever, need unity, strong army in order to preserve the inviolability of our borders.

Centuries have passed, but this formula of unity and solidarity of Armenians has remained unchanged to this day.

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