Armenian cuisine: tolma with rice and mushrooms

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rice - 300 grams

400 grams of champignons

oinion - 2 pcs

cabbage - 1 pc



water 2 tsp

olive oil 50 ml

lemon 1 pc.


Chop the onions and mushrooms and simmer them in rice water, add olive oil, oregano, salt, 1 glass of water. Boil for 15-20 minutes. Make cabbage leaves separate, cook for 10 minutes in salted water with lemon juice. Remove the tough to make it easier to wrap.

After the cabbage and the stuffing are ready, you can begin to wrap and put in the pan. Add 1 cup of rice broth and water on top. Put an inverted plate on the top layer. Cook with low heat for 40 minutes.

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