Opponents of Pashinyan protest outside the EU in Yerevan

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Members of the public organization "Adekvad", who oppose Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, are holding a protest action outside the office of the European Union delegation in Yerevan.

"Everything that happens in Armenia over the past year is mostly done with the sponsorship of this structure (EU delegation - Editor's note). Sponsorship is not only financial, but also moral, political, diplomatic, personnel. The process of overthrowing the constitutional order in Armenia was on the EU agenda, and this process began at least a year ago with the seizure of power, "one of its organizers, Artur Danielyan, said live on Facebook before the protest.

According to him, not only Pashinyan is to blame for this, but also those structures that sponsored this process.

The protesters attached posters with the slogans "Armenia under occupation", "Take back your puppets", "Are you happy now?", " Why so Soros" attached to the fence grid.

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