Iran-USA: another exchange of blows yet at the verbal level

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In recent months, there has practically been no day that Iran and the United States did not exchange blows, speaking in the language of boxers.

July 2 was not an exception. A few hours earlier, Reuters reported a statement by Ali Larijani, the Speaker of the Iranian Mejlis, whose main idea was: "The Iranians are becoming more united when they are intimidated". Larijani stressed that the US President Donald Trump should understand that they should not speak a language of intimidation with a civilized nation.

This statement was made in response to the opinion of US President Donald Trump that "Iran is playing with fire." Thus, he reacted to the fact that Iran has exceeded the enriched uranium reserves. Being loyal to his style, the US president promised to continue to put pressure on Iran until his leadership changed its course.

It is noteworthy that the official Tehran itself, represented by the country's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, announced this to the international community, emphasizing that this step is not a violation, and indicated that the country exercises its right to respond to the US withdrawal from the deal.

Recall that the Agreement on JCPOA on Iran was concluded in the summer of 2015 between Tehran and six intermediary countries - Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, France, and Germany. In early May 2018, US President Donald Trump announced that Washington would unilaterally withdraw from the deal and resume anti-Iran sanctions.

And on July 1, the head of the national security committee of the parliament of the Republic of Mojtaba Zonnur said that in case of possible aggression by the United States against Iran, Israel would simply be destroyed within 30 minutes. This is reported with reference to the Iranian website Mehr news agency. 

Thus, he responded to the statement of the US President that he allegedly canceled a military strike on Iran just 10 minutes before the attack. The head of the national security committee of the Iranian parliament called Trump’s statement a “political bluff”, noting that all 36 US military bases located in the region are controlled by Iran.

And the rest of the countries that joined the treaty, with the exception of Russia and, perhaps, China, do not take any concrete measures, limiting themselves only to general statements. All this testifies to the fact that a tough and irreconcilable confrontation between these two countries will be a long one, and it remains to rely on God so that it does not grow into a war. 

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