Armen Jigarkhanyan is 84 Years old

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"God forbid, tomorrow I'll go out on the stage and not be King King, Hamlet, Othello, but I'll be the People's Artist of the USSR..."

                                                                                                  Armen Jigarkhanyan

Armen Jigarkhanyan, the prominent actor, director of Armenian, Russian theater and film, was born on October 3, 1935 in Yerevan. The first meeting with his father, Boris, took place when Armen was a teenager. He was raised by his stepfather. And his love for theater and theater art came from his mother, Elena Vasilevna, who adored theater.

In 1953, Armen Jigarkhanyan graduated from Chekhov secondary school. After, he attempts to enter the Russian Theater of Arts, but didn't succeed. After unsuccessful attempts, Jigarkhanyan returned to Yerevan and worked at "HayFilm" Studio as an operator assistant. In 1954, Jigarkhanyan entered the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts and Theater, studied at Armen Gulakyan's department, which finished in 1958.

The first meeting with the stage took place in January 1955 at Stanislavsky Russian Drama Theater. Jigarkhanyan was invited to perform with Yerevan's troupe while he was a sophemore. He worked there for more than ten years.

It was in 1967, when Anatoly Erfros invited Jigarkhanyan to the Moscow Theater of Lenin's Cosmopol. In 1969 he started playing in Moscow, at the Mayakovsky Theater. On that stage, he played brilliantly, playing the role of Stenli Kowalski in the "Trams of Wishes" and Big Pa, "The Cat On The Roof," Socrat, "Talking With Socrat", General Khludov, "Running". This collaboration ends in 1996, but he continued to work in other theaters and plays.

The entrance to the cinema took place in 1960. However, the role of young scientist-physicist Artyom Manvelyan in Frunze Dovlatyan's "Hello, I am" film brought great popularity to Jigarkhanyan. The brilliant masterful roles were followed by one another. The master blacksmith Mukuch in "Triangle", Levon Poghosyan in the drama "When Comes September", the staff captain Ovechkin in Edmond Keosayan's "The New Adventures of Anorallists", the checkist Artuzov in "The Trial Operation", Proshyan in the "July Six" historical film, Mikhail In Stitchney's "Little Crane" film, the Black Cat gang's roaring knight Karp's negative role in the movie "The Place of Meeting Can not Be Changed."

In 1991-1996, Jigarkhanyan, as a professor, gave master-classes in the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, and in 1996 he founded the Moscow Drama Theater. In his theater, he played 2 plays.

Jigarkhanyan plays on the stage until now, he never takes a break, never gets tired of the stage and never gives the writers the opportunity to be laconic. Just as he and his 82-year-old life are full of many personalities, in order to address them separately, one should dedicate their lives to studying his art.

Anyway ... In 1999, Jigarkhanyan received a "Green Card" for prominent cultural figures in the US government quota. In the United States, he receives a seven-room apartment from a fan. From that moment on he lives in two countries. He lives in the United States for three to four months in the year in Harland (Tatiana, where she teaches Russian at the Dallas), and the rest of her time in Moscow.

There are many interesting facts about Armen Jigarkhanyan. In particular, he played in more than 314 films, of which 250 were movies, the rest - TV movies, mini-soap operas, and more. His name was written in the Guinness Book of Records as the most-featured Russian actor. Speaking about the performances is simply superfluous; they go through a few dozen.

Armen Jigarkhanyan has received numerous awards:

1. Order of Merit to the Motherland II degree

2. Order of Merit to Motherland III Degree

3. Order of Homeland Service IV Degree

4. Honored actor of Armenian SSR

5. People's Artist of RSFSR

6. People's Artist of the Armenian SSR

7. People's Artist of the USSR

8. State Prize of the Armenian SSR

9. State Prize of the Armenian SSR

10. Order of Honor (Armenia)

11. The Order of the Sacrament of Glory

12. Order "MECENAT"

13. Tsarskoselski's Artistic Prize

14. "Audience Award Award", "When the September Comes" movie at Belgrade Film Festival

15. All - Union Film Festival .Jury Special Prize, "Lonely Walnut" film

16. Moscow City Hall Award

17. Golden Alone Award

18. Stanislavsky's Theatrical Prize for Best Actress in 2000

19. The "Kumir" Prize Organizing Committee's "Special Prize"

20. Golden Mask Prize

21. The Golden Eagle Award,

22. "Man of the Year" of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia

23. "Crystal Turandot" Theatrical Prize

24. "Golden Mask" Theatrical

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