Government supports Armenian army, be bolder: Pashinyan

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In May of this year, compared with May of the past, more - 13 million 182 thousand 667 checks of cash register certificates were printed in Armenia, the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page.

“This means  we have surpassed not only pre-revolutionary, but also revolutionary indicators.

Once again I express my gratitude to all entrepreneurs who conscientiously print cashier's checks. I express my gratitude to all citizens who everywhere require checks.

I also want to emphasize that in fact these very people are true authors of a total and tangible increase in salaries in the Armenian army. Due to your taxes, dear compatriots, the salaries of our servicemen have significantly increased.

By such deeds we demonstrate that the people stand behind the back of the Armenian army, the government stands behind the back of the Armenian army. Be bolder, ” - Pashinyan wrote.

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