Turkey wants to deprive Paylan from parliamentary immunity

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The prosecutor's office of the city of Diyarbakir in Turkey sent a petition to the country's parliament to deprive Garo Paylan, a deputy from the opposition Democratic Party of Peoples, of immunity in connection with the investigation launched against him on the grounds of article 301 of the Turkish Criminal Code.

According to Turkish media, the prosecutor’s office received the consent of the Ministry of Justice of the country to begin an investigation into the Turkish MP of Armenian origin.

The investigation is connected with the statements of Garo Paylan in July 2018 that the situation in Diyarbakir, where water cannons and armored vehicles can be seen at every corner, reminds of “the periods of the rule of Hitler and Mussolini”. In turn, the authorities of Diyarbakir view the deputy’s words as an insult to the Turkish authorities.

Commenting on the situation, Garo Paylan said that the Turkish government continues to use Article 301 of the Turkish Criminal Code as a tool to suppress opposition in the country.

Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code provides for punishment for insulting Turkey, the Turkish nation or Turkish government institutions.

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