Regular meeting of ADL Supreme Council took place

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The regular meeting of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party's Supreme Council was held in Inglewood (New Jersey), the United States. The purpose of the ADL Supreme Council meeting was to discuss the prospects of the Party's development, identify its goals and develop a common policy.

The meeting was presided by the Chairperson of ADL Supreme Council, vice-chairperson of ADL Central Board, Vartan Nazerian (Los Angeles), who presented his resignation at the end of the meeting, conditioned by his busy schedule, but assured he would continue to be part of ADL Supreme structures to contribute to the party's further development. Hrach Guyumjian (London) was appointed Acting Chairperson of ADL Supreme Council, and Hakob Vardivarian (New Jersey) as Deputy Chairperson.

Yervand Azatyan (Detroit), Arshavir Gyonjian (Montreal), Arto Manoukian (Montreal), Khoren Galinyan (Egypt), Gevorg Marashlyan (Washington) and Vardges Guruyyan (Los Angeles) also participated in the ADL Supreme Council meeting. Members of ADL Armenian Central Board, Gayane Muradyan and Armen Manvelyan, were also present at the meeting.

The Supreme Council approved the program of financing the Armenian Diaspora Media, as well as discussed the prospects of Armenia-Diaspora development and the tendencies of deepening relations. ADL Supreme Council expressed readiness to continue its support to the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh.

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