Will a nuclear power plant be built in Azerbaijan?

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Several years ago, the Azerbaijani media began to actively discuss the possibility of building a nuclear power plant in their country. This information was not confirmed by official Baku, however, the so-called expert community actively discussed and spread this topic.

On November 23 this year, Azerbaijani and then Russian media again returned to this topic, with a statement that Rosatom expressed readiness to build a nuclear power plant if Baku wanted. However, is it really so easy to build an atomic power station, and what problems can we encounter when such projects are implemented?

First, we note that the construction of nuclear power plants around the world is governed by a special UN convention, which is carried out by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). According to this convention, the IAEA discusses and agrees to the construction of nuclear power plants. Without this consent it is almost impossible to build a nuclear power plant.

For the construction of such a station, the state must prove its necessity, as well as the possibility of ensuring its safety. As a rule, countries possessing oil and gas receive a similar permit, in addition, stations should be built in non-seismic zones, at a great distance from the sources of armed conflicts.

Only after these conditions are met, the state can receive the appropriate permission from the IAEA and, under the control of this structure, declare the construction of a nuclear power plant. And another question is who will build it.

In recent years, China has also been quite aggressively working on the nuclear energy market, offering more affordable prices than Russia or any other country. The Chinese are building nuclear power plants with their own resources, later selling the shares of the power station to the states and, thus, returning their investments.

Azerbaijan needs this program, since in the conditions of a gas shortage it is necessary to import this raw material from Russia, and in the future it may even have difficulties with the operation of the gas thermal power plant. Oil production in Azerbaijan is declining, and the energy exporting country is quickly turning into a country that imports this raw material.

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