We urge to prevent war but if war starts, we will all defend our homeland: Anna Hakobyan's response to Hay Dzayn's question

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During the  press conference today, RA Prime Minister's spouse, Mrs. Anna Hakobyan answered Hay Dzayn's question regarding the fact that her  calls for peace are being perceived as a sign of weakness of Armenia on the Azerbaijani side and whether she is going to continue her peace campaign.

Mrs. Hakobyan first mentioned that she did not believe her calls were perceived as weaknesses, and then continued: "As far as I know and my observations prove, peace messages are perceived right. Especially outside of Armenia they are important, and the opinion of the Azerbaijani public, in this case, does not interest me at all".

Anna Hakobyan recalled the goals of her initiative, noting that they call for preventing the war, but if the war starts, everyone, including women, should take up arms and protect their homeland.


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