Komitas's letter to Arshak Chopanyan

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Another page in the research of Komitas Vardapet's life is opened by his letter to Arshak Chopanyan (1904, Berlin).

"Dear friend!

Today, together with the letter, I am sending the first notebook of the study "Armenian Peasant Music". Slowly start translating, and I will prepare other notebooks as well. Send translations of the following songs, which should be printed in polyphony and in monophony with piano accompaniment, into French. Here I gave one poet to translate some pieces into German too. My teacher recommends presenting our melodies in Armenian, German and French, in order to facilitate the perception of foreigners. 

... I called the study “Armenian Peasant Music” on purpose because the townspeople did not create a single folk song, and the word “folk” is very insulting and absorbs everyone, whereas these songs were created exclusively by peasants ...

...Good luck,

Komitas Vardapet".

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