Komitas’ letters to Hovhannes Toumanian

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Komitas’ letters to Hovhannes Toumanian:

Dear Hovhannes,

You didn’t get to Etchmiadzin then. Perhaps the mosquitoes frightened you. What’s this mosquito thing anyway that man should fear it? I could have offered you such accommodation that no mosquito, not even the mosquito’s brother and its offspring could penetrate.

I haven’t much news. If you want to come to Dilijan, you are welcome. Don’t worry about the piano. The main purpose of your visit, and mine, has to do with words – to complete the poem with its characters and its songs, in a word to write the libretto. As for the other things, the music, I shall attend to that in Etchmiadzin, where in my rooms I have all the necessary facilities.

I shall tell you about my detailed plans when we meet. To explain oneself about music in written communication is difficult.

At the moment I too am busy. Until the end of the month I have some urgent deadlines to meet for various European newspapers, thereafter I am relatively free. I have decided to spend the summer in Etchmiadzin, but for some 10 days or until we complete ‘Anoush’ I shall come to Dilijan.

Pass on special greetings to Princess Toumanian.

And to you, your wife and your little children, in one large measure, my loving regards.

With kisses, yours Komitas

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