Lapshin intends to tell about the life of Armenian border villages in his blog

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Well-known Russian and Israeli blogger Alexander Lapshin asked the Defense Ministry to allow him to visit the border villages of Armenia to write about their residents' life in his blog. This blogger told reporters during a press conference on Tuesday.

“I have a purely tourist visit, I want to rent a car, travel around the country, see what I have not seen yet. And secondly, I submitted a request to the press service of the Ministry of Defense, asked them to allow me to visit the border zone, so that later on in my blog I would tell about the life of people in the villages that are under attack from Azerbaijan, for example, Noyemberyan district, etc. ”, - Lapshin said, adding that he hopes to get this permission.

“I also intend to see Syunik, where I have never been, Meghri and ride along the most dangerous road in Armenia - Nradzor village, that is, I have absolutely tourist plans.

Lapshin also noted that against the background of all the countries he visited, and there are 140 of them, Armenia looks very decent: “Nature and architecture, and a very interesting and unusual people: I can endlessly talk about them".

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