Investigation into General Manvel Grigoryan's case completed

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The preliminary investigation of the case of the ex-MP of Armenia, Army General Manvel Grigoryan and his wife Nazik Amiryan has been completed.

According to the results, the investigation supplemented the charges against the ex-deputy and his family members.

“Manvel Grigoryan was charged with illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, wasting 101,232,917 drams, evading taxes of 1,228,176,342 drams, wasting government funds in the amount of 1,225,003,300, and stealing property worth 37,101,100 drams,” the press service of the investigative agency reports.

The materials on the case of the General of the Army, in particular, list the types of weapons found in the premises belonging to the Grigoryan family in Armenia and Artsakh.

According to the investigation, in total, only in the offices of the company belonging to Grigorian’s spouse, 4,317 cans of stew were found for military personnel, 840 kg of macaroni, 15 bags of sugar and 8 bags of salt, Uaz Hunter, Uaz Hunter 2.7 cars. "," Uaz Pickup "and others.

It is noted that the son of the general, Arman Grigoryan, is also wanted.

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