Short film about Tumanyan to have a continuation: interview with the creator (video)

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Short film about Tumanyan, shot on the 150th anniversary of the writer, that attracted the attention of users over the internet for several days, will soon have a continuation, this time dedicated to Komitas, another Armenian genius.

Ruben Yesayan blogger and author of the film, told about the film, its success and other issues in an interview with HAY DZAYN.

The creator of the film underlinesd that, in fact, this was a complicated job that could be realized without much money.

"This is a very difficult job for one person, I had no money, no technique, I shot it with a camera of a relative of mine. As it was success, I thought that I would also make a film dedicated to Komitas's 150th anniversary, but it will not be another short film, but the continuation of this one".

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