We want to exert pressure on Iran, so the conversation between Armenia and the United States will be very important: Bolton

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The Iranian border will become an important issue, because, as I explained to the Prime Minister, we want to exert maximum pressure on Iran, since it has not yet abandoned the goal of creating nuclear weapons. Iran remains the main “banker” of international terrorism in the world”, - John Bolton, the US presidential adviser on national security issues, announced in an exclusive interview with the Armenian Radio Azatutyun.

According to him, the US is concerned about Iran’s ballistic missile programs and Iran’s active military operations in Syria, Iraq and other countries.

Obviously, we do not want to harm our friends in the process. Therefore, I believe that the conversation between the government of Armenia and the United States will be very important. But, as I stressed to the Prime Minister, we will apply these sanctions very vigorously. This is not the Obama administration. We are going to squeeze Iran, because we believe that its behavior in the Middle East and in reality is globally harmful and needs to be changed”, - Trump's adviser added.

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