Let us together protect and preserve our victories and achievements: Armen Sarkissian's Independence Day address

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President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian has issued a statement on the 28th anniversary of Artsakh’s independence.

“These three decades are the history of struggle, endurance, heroism and victory of all Armenians, which our people shaped. The fervor for freedom in our historic land of Artsakh comes from the depths of centuries. In this part of the Armenian country the strong foundation of Armenian statehood was placed since ancient times, a powerful and combat-ready army was formed, scientific-academic centers and cultural values were created, the traditions of peaceful coexistence and good neighborliness were developed, and most importantly the strong will and undefeatable spirit of defending the native land and family with all cost.

But history isn’t only the past, history is also today, history is created also for tomorrow. In 1988 we altogether dreamt of free Artsakh, then when freedom was jeopardized and the Armenian people were out for another battle for existence we were all praying for Artsakh’s salvation, and today when independence is reality we all demand a peaceful and safe Artsakh.

Freedom and peace weren’t gifted to the Artsakh people, they were obtained at the cost of the lives of thousands of Armenians, the Artsakh Declaration of Independence adopted 28 years ago was articulated with blood and endless love and devotion towards the homeland.

And today there is still much to be done in our difficult and ever-changing times. Those who fell for Artsakh’s liberation and independence, the people who live in Artsakh and who serve as an example of heroism with their daily lives, our future generations deserve for Artsakh’s future to continue being shaped as a history of victories, peace and good neighborliness.

Today, more than ever before, we are resolute and firm in protecting the symbol of Armenian unity the Republic of Artsakh and its hero children. It is with this understanding that I address my sincere good wishes to Artsakh in all initiatives leading to success and victories.

I congratulate us all in Artsakh, Armenia and the Diaspora on the Day of the Republic of Artsakh.

Let us together protect and preserve our victories and achievements. And may God save Artsakh, Armenia and our people,” the President of Armenia said in the address.

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