Reflections on a pragmatic world or how Ms. Conjuncture achieved her goal

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In the history of mankind, each new generation was different from the previous one. These differences relate to knowledge, worldview, way of thinking, life, and even appearance.

But, first of all, they relate to adaptation to the new world order.

“This is by no means accidental and it all fits perfectly into the plans of the Almighty,” believers will probably say, quoting the Bible, and they will definitely be right.

“This is just dialectic, continuous movement and development from the lowest to the highest, from simple to more complex,” the proponents of materialism will object, and perhaps they will not be mistaken either.

One thing is incontrovertible - regardless of our opinion, desires and other subjective factors, the world is rapidly developing. Every day it becomes more and more pragmatic, therefore, more unpredictable.

Today in the world arena, Ms. Conjuncture reigns - capricious and never distinguished by special fidelity. However, she has a new name, I will call her a little later.

This madame is by no means a new face. For all the years of the existence of mankind, she has always been in the spotlight, trying to emphasize her importance, demanding in exchange being mistaken for a lady of noble blood. However, despite the fact that many treated her with some caution, scattering in flattery and smiling at her face, and some completely conceded to her whims, they still never treated her as an equal.

Unfortunately, this is already in the past. If 40-50 years ago, this Madame was strictly kept in the framework of business relations, today she is truly experiencing her finest hour. She is everywhere, she managed to penetrate into our inner world, into our souls and got comfortable there. Most importantly, she achieved her main goal - she changed her unsightly name to the noble title of “Corporate Interest”.

To those who try to perceive the political context in what I have said, moreover, attribute it to the realities of today's Armenian reality, I will immediately say that this will be a very erroneous and, in fact, incorrect approach. Everything is much deeper, and the question here is not only and not so much in politics as in the moral plane.

Simply, we should not deceive ourselves, but accept as reality the fact that human relationships, our personal communication, we began to determine not with our feelings and desires, but with flattery to this capricious lady, the satisfaction of her needs. This applies to all of us: to some it applies more, to others - to a lesser extent. But this alignment does not imply the existence of such concepts as conscience, morality, a sense of duty, the homeland. Alas, they are completely out of date.

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