Nikol Pashinyan: Armenia absolutely transparent for Russian partners

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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that Armenia’s actions are absolutely transparent for Russian partners. He made such a statement in an interview with TASS, responding to a question about the goals of his visit to Brussels.

“This visit has a specific goal - we are going to discuss with representatives of the European Union the implementation of the Comprehensive and Expanded Partnership Agreement with the European Union. And I want to emphasize one important detail: we are absolutely transparent to our Russian partners in this process. And, very importantly, the European Union does not raise any geopolitical and foreign policy issues or conditions in this process. This cooperation concerns only internal democratic reforms in Armenia, especially after last year’s events in the country. This reform agenda is very important for us, ”Pashinyan said.

According to him, it is very important for Armenia that all segments of society in Russia correctly understand the essence and causes of the velvet revolution that occurred in Armenia in 2018.

“Unfortunately, so far many expert circles in Russia are trying to present what happened in Armenia as an event from a series of so-called color revolutions. But for us it is very important that our Russian friends and colleagues understand that what happened has no geopolitical context and not a single foreign force is involved in the process. This is a matter of national dignity and my personal dignity. Such an interpretation - that someone used the Armenian people for their geopolitical purposes - is offensive to us. Armenia is an independent country, an independent nation with a high sense of dignity, ”- the premier stressed.

“And of course, it’s very important for us to be reliable partners. And we will be a reliable partner for all whom we ourselves consider to be our reliable partner, there can be no doubt about that. And those who are not reliable, we must evaluate - do we need to consider them as our partners? ”, - he added.

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