New plant opened in Aleppo

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A plant for the assembly of household refrigerators opened in the Syrian city of Aleppo. The company produces 20 refrigerators per day.

The products of the plant go to the stores throughout Syria, where they are sold at prices ranging from 75 to 150 thousand lire. Foreign-made refrigerators cost about 500 thousand lire, so local products are in great demand.

Initially, the factory premises were bought out after the war for little money, since it was destroyed. The director repaired the building and began production.

“We left the factory when the war began... Then after the war we returned and started working. We built, trained new workers,” said the director of the company Isa Mustafa.

“When the situation in the city returned to normal, we bought new equipment, because during the war the factory was broken. Now we are collecting an average of 20 refrigerators per day. Fortunately, the war is over, so now we are working calmly,” said the head of the refrigerator assembly department, Muhamad Abdurahim.

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