For the first time in history our ballet was performed on Bolshoi Theater stage, maybe they don’t need this all?: Konstantin Orbelyan

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“I am proud of what we have achieved in these 18 months, I am proud of our success, everyone knows about the tours at the Bolshoi Theater, also in Dubai, Kuwait, and about our numerous premieres. For the first time in history, our ballet was performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, maybe they don’t need this all, maybe I am not in the right place? ”, - the director and artistic director of the National Armenian Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Konstantin Orbelyan told reporters, commenting on his dismissal.

Orbelyan noted that Nazeni Garibyan has been trying to make him leave for 9 months already: “Only an ignorant person can make such rather drastic decisions in relation to the main theater of the country. My dismissal is in force from April 1, maybe this is also an April Fool's joke? ”- the maestro joked.

According to him, for all this time they have not received a single congratulation from the Ministry of Culture.

“Either this is neglect on the part of the Ministry, or this is a complete ignorance of their activities, they don’t come to the performances, although we invite every time, maybe they don’t know what is happening here? The night before, Lilith Makunts phoned me, expressing her surprise at what had happened. Let's see what happens next, ” - Orbelyan added.

Recall the director and artistic director of the National Armenian Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after Spendiaryan, Konstantin Orbelyan was dismissed from his post by the decision of Acting Culture Minister Nazeni Gharibyan.

The maestro added that he intends to go to court, because the grounds for dismissal are illegal.

“There will be a big and very loud trial”, - he added.

The actors of the theater, in turn, noted that they were inviting Nazeni Gharibyan tomorrow, at 16:00, to meet with the staff, and they said they intend to fight this decision and protest it in court.

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