Otyan as political satirist

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Otyan is considered one of the most prolific and significant Armenian satirists along with Hakob Paronyan. In his works, he criticizes and ridicules the various vices of bourgeois society and supports the struggle of the peoples of the Ottoman Empire against the power of Sultan.

Otyan was destined to say a new word, to pass a new path especially in our political satire. He wrote during a turbulent period filled with political upheavals, national-liberation and revolutionary movements, violent clashes of various social movements and parties.

The bloody "solution" of the Armenian question, the three Russian revolutions, the first imperialist bloody war and the April genocide, the historic victory of the Great October, and the national rebirth of the Armenian people, which had a fatal inequality for existence, all happened before Otyan's eyes. And he reflected on all these events. Of course, some limitations and some contradictions can be observed in his views.

But most significant is the principled struggle he waged with the help of satire as a weapon against the "lies, falsehood, exploitation, deception" he observed in social and political life (Vol. 4, page 685).

Forming his literary-political doctrine, Otyan wrote: "We should seek our gratification by mocking, in the mood of our days, false saviors, false architects, stolen fame, immovable impostors, sorcerers of sincerity, false patriots" (vol. 1, pages 553-554). And he did. Its first vivid proof is the series of brilliant stories "Parasites of the Revolution" (1897-1899).



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