Armenian-Russian relations

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On September 7, a series of events dedicated to the 872nd anniversary of the Russian capital was launched in the Moscow Center for Culture and Business "House of Moscow" in Yerevan. The opening ceremony, organized at the highest level, was attended by Russian Ambassador Sergey Kopyrkin and Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan. According to the organizers, the events organized this year are unprecedentedly rich and interesting: concerts, exhibitions, fairs, etc. are expected. All this, of course, can only be welcomed, but I would like to touch upon one more unpleasant incident, which smashed as Russophobia, and which was clearly ordered "from above".

Several citizens of inadequate behavior tried to prevent young people conducting a small flash mob with the symbols of Moscow on the Freedom Square. Let the relevant authorities determine who specifically provoked this incident. However, in my opinion, they are simply obliged to start production on the grounds of “counteraction to the legitimate exercise of the citizens’ rights by a group of people”. But this is not of such an importance. Over the past months, I have returned to this topic several times. Not wanting to repeat myself and deliver another “lecture" on the threat of the Armenian-Russian relations’ deterioration for especially irresponsible representatives of our society, I’ll note a number of circumstances. Firstly, I want to understand the meaning of this unpleasant incident.

Did they want to show that there are anti-Russian sentiments in Armenia? Nothing of the kind. A striking example of this is the fact that, having accepted the levers of power, Prime Minister Pashinyan and his team, regardless of their previous views, began to adhere to a realistic course in relations with our main external ally. Moreover, today the Armenian-Russian relations are regarded as unprecedentedly good. Furthermore, in various cities of the Russian Federation with a population of 200 million - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, Armenian communities often, with the support of local authorities, hold a wide variety of actions and events, and it’s at least ugly to respond to them in this way.

And the last circumstance; in our country, a variety of events dedicated to Europe Day, France Day or US national holidays are always held. However, we had never seen such manifestations before. In this case, a logical question arises again: what is the reason? Whose interests are served by that small group of people that periodically incite and provoke such unpleasant incidents? I suggest you to think of that.

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