Pompeo considers military influence on Iran

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington is considering all options for influencing Iran, including the force. However, according to him, the United States does not want war with an Islamic republic.

On countering Iran, Pompeo spoke about this to CBS on Sunday, June 16th. He noted that the State Department had several times informed US President Donald Trump about possible options for such counteraction.

“We will continue to keep him informed. We are confident that we will be able to take a series of actions to restore deterrence (Iran. - Ed.), Which is our mission, ”said Pompeo.

On the question of whether the US is considering the possibility of military confrontation, the Secretary of State replied: “Of course.” However, according to him, Trump made it very clear that he "does not want to go to war."

Pompeo was asked if the US administration had a legal right to strike Iran without a congressional approval.

“We always have the right to protect the interests of America,” the Secretary of State replied, stressing that the administration would take only “legitimate” steps towards Iran.

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