Kocharyan’s defense asks court to release ex-president on bail

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The court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan continues hearings in the case of the second president of Armenia and three former senior officials.

The lawyer of the ex-president Hovhannes Khudoyan submitted to the court a motion for the release of Robert Kocharyan on bail.

Khudoyan explained that these motions were submitted three months ago to the judge of the Court of Appeal Armen Danielyan.

“However, when making the decision, our petitions did not become the subject of consideration. Thus, there was a violation by the judicial system of the right to a fair trial”, - he said.     

According to Hovhannes Khudoyan, there are no grounds for applying a preventive measure in the form of detention at this stage.

He pointed out that the ex-president returned to Armenia, appeared before the body conducting the proceedings, always appeared on the first call, participated in legal proceedings and never interfered with the investigation of the case.

“Staying free for about 4 months, he never interfered in the investigation,” the lawyer said.

“We do not indicate the amount of the bail, let it be determined by the court, while taking into account the fact that the property of Robert Koaryan and his relatives is under arrest on the basis of an illegal decision,” he said.

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