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The Central Board of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL) expresses its concern about the issue of incitement of hatred in public speeches in Armenia, especially during the last months.

The continuing division of Armenian society into revolutionaries and anti-revolutionaries, black and white, the residents of Armenia and residents of Karabakh have already gone beyond what is permitted and are fraught with danger, threatening the Armenian people's unity and state security.

In this regard, of particular concern are the obvious acts of persecution and repression against the new political opposition being created, which are expressed in forming a “culture” to hate any criticism of the current authorities and issue orders for the arrests of oppositionists.

In particular, the consistent prosecution of members of the Adekvat political movement, calls for reprisals against them, which are periodically heard by members of the political force that came to power, create dangerous precedents. There are concerns and facts about the periodic arrests of opposition members without any justification. It is impossible not to regard this entire in any other way than political persecution and attempts to suppress dissent.

We call on the current authorities to show restraint and refrain from the use of force and threats against the political opposition.

Office of ADL Central Board 

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