ADL is concerned about tense domestic political situation in Armenia: Ramkavar Azatakan Party statement

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The Central Board of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL) is concerned about the tense domestic political situation in the Republic of Armenia, which is expressed in attempts to split society and sow hatred towards each other. This fact is of particular concern because it is connected with the current authorities and political and public organizations that support them.

Such behavior is the cause of the formation of hatred atmosphere in Armenia.

It is of particular concern when the head of the executive, in fact controlling the executive and legislative bodies, is currently trying to put pressure on the judicial system, a phenomenon that contains elements of the constitutional system violation.

It is also disturbing that the prime minister, a person with an absolute majority in the legislature, resorts to illegal actions instead of implementing legislative reforms.

The ADL Central Board calls for refraining from any wrongdoing, as well as from any actions that are contrary to the Constitution and are aimed at splitting the society.

The situation in Armenia threatens the future of the Armenian state. We should not forget that we live in an unfinished war, and deep internal split and incitement of hatred contribute to the aggression of our opponent, as well as damage our country's authority in the face of the international community.

ADL expresses hope that the current unfavorable situation will be resolved in the shortest time possible due to the efforts of healthy forces and, first of all, the acting authorities.

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