Congratulation to all Armenians on the occasion of holding democratic elections in the country: ADL Statement

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At the extraordinary parliamentary elections held on December 9, 2018, in the logic of the continuation of the “velvet revolution”, the Armenian people voted for the “My Step” bloc or in favor of the current government.

For several objective reasons, the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL), which did not take part in the elections, remained true to its convictions “with the people and for the people” and taking into account positive changes and national aspirations to progress, called on its members and supporters to vote for candidates of “My step” block.

Today, when our aspirations have become a reality, the Central Board and the Supreme Council of ADL, on behalf of all party members in Armenia and the Diaspora, congratulate all Armenians on the occasion of holding democratic elections, expressing the hope that all political forces that have entered the parliament will do everything possible to justify the people's confidence.

It is obvious that by giving votes to the absolute majority of the “My Step” bloc, the Armenian people also expect absolute positive changes in all aspects of life. ADL joins the people's expectations and expresses its support for all positive changes in the country, including reducing emigration, encouraging repatriation, creating a real and effective Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora triunity and paving the way for realizing the aspirations of the Armenian people.




Chairperson Hakob Avetikyan

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