Members of ADL Shirak regional office paid tribute to the memory of Spitak earthquake victims (photo)

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Representatives of the Shirak regional structure of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL) honored the memory of the victims of the 1988 Spitak earthquake.

Members of ADL Shirak regional office, as well as the Panos Terlemezyan and Arshak Chopanyan youth clubs, laid wreaths at the monument to the victims of the devastating earthquake located near the Church of the Holy Savior in Gyumri.

It should be noted that the regional structure of ADL annually takes part in events dedicated to the memory of earthquake victims.

Recall that on the eve the 30th anniversary of the devastating catastrophe was celebrated. In this regard, the RA government headed by the Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held an outgoing government session in Gyumri.

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