Vardenis "Andranik" FC won in Georgia (video)

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On the occasion of winning the title of Armenia champion, Vardenis youth football club of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL), "Andranik", received a surprise from the philanthropist, sponsor of the club - Vartan Nazerian.

On July 10-17, under the patronage of Vartan Nazerian, young players spent their holidays in the Georgian town of Kobuleti. During the week of active and intense rest, two friendly matches with Georgian football clubs took place.

ADL's “Andranik” FC demonstrated a quality game, winning in two matches:

"Andranik-05" - "Jinvali-04" - 16: 3, "Andranik-05" - "Torpedo-04" (Kutaisi) - 4:1.

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