Vardenis “Andranik” FC won in Armenian youth championship (photos)

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In the semifinals of the second round of the Armenian Youth Football Championship, held on June 12, the Vardenis "Andranik" football club of the Ramkavar Azatakan party (ADL) met with the NIKARM-01 team from Ijevan in Charentsavan.

In this match, the clubs fought for the champion title and for the transition from group B to A.

The game ended with a brilliant victory of “Andranik” FC with a score of 6:0. As a result of the victory, the football club became the winner of the youth championship in Armenia.

We congratulate the ADL Vardenis FC "Andranik" for a nice and glorious season, wishing it new successes and achievements.

We should note the victory of the young players in the town of Vardenis caused great enthusiasm and was festively celebrated. The winners were greeted with national songs and dances in their native city, then they planted trees, dedicated to their victory.





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