Ramkavar Azatakan Party expanding its ranks

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The Ramkavar Azatakan Party has activated its activities in Yerevan, which is reflected in the recruitment of the new members of the party.

ADL, as a traditional national political force, has always contributed to the unification of individuals, carrying Armenian values. Once the party was engaged in this kind of activities mainly in the Diaspora, while for the past 29 years, ADL has been expanding its activities also in the Motherland.

Yesterday, the ADL Yerevan office hosted the party's new members' assembly, during which the Central Board of Ramkavar Azatakan Party decided to launch a new club. The new members of the party decided to name the new club after the great Armenian philanthropist, national hero of the Republic of Armenia, longtime head of the Armenian General Benevolent Union Alex Manoogian.

Members of the ADL Central Board Gayane Muradyan, Vahe Darbinyan and Armen Manvelyan also participated in the new club establishment ceremony.

The first meeting of the club included an interesting exchange of thoughts on the socio-economic, as well as political situation in nowadays Armenia.

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