Rouhani called the withdrawal of American troops from Syria good news

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called good news the US intention to withdraw troops from Syria, but said it was difficult to trust Washington’s promises, according to a statement published on its official website.

"They recently said they want to withdraw their forces (from Syria - ed.), If the truth is told, this is good news," said Rouhani before flying to Sochi for the trilateral Russia-Turkey-Iran summit over Syria today.

At the same time, the Iranian president added: "We can never trust the words and promises of Americans."

He also noted that Iran considers it important to preserve the integrity of the Syrian territory, and therefore declared that the entire territory of Syria should be controlled by Damascus, while some parts of the Syrian land cannot be controlled by other states.

The president also added that it is the Syrian government that should conduct a dialogue with the Kurds.

Among the goals set in Syria, Rouhani named the withdrawal of foreign troops, the return of refugees, and the restoration of the country. He also mentioned the issue of a political settlement of the situation, saying that the formation of a constitutional committee would be discussed at the Sochi summit.

The president called the Astana format - Iran, Russia and Turkey - a good model for solving regional problems, saying that the three countries will continue to work until security is restored in Syria. At the same time, Rouhani noted that the future of Syria is in the hands of the Syrians themselves and is decided by them.

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