A script written with the people's active participation

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A year has passed since the accomplishment of the “velvet revolution”. Exactly a year ago, on this very day, all the people rallied around one idea - to get rid of the previous authorities and begin to live a more dignified life.

Is it true that the new Armenia is exactly what we dreamed of, or is this just the beginning of the path? On this occasion, there are a variety of points of view. I will try to present a number of issues of concern, immediately noting that I do not intend to conduct a comprehensive analysis, and, even more so, to voice any political assessments. I also do not want to touch upon those who today divided our society into two, and maybe more, parts.

I propose simply to draw attention to a few key points that are likely to help understand and impartially assess the situation.

First of all, let us recognize that the movement “Reject Serzh!” was welcomed by almost all Armenians both in their homeland and abroad. They did not welcome it because the previous authorities were completely bogged down with crimes and injustice. Let's be objective, there was both good and bad, just many of us have adapted to reality and were confident that nothing depends on them specifically, and it is impossible to change anything in the country.

The main reason for popular discontent was that the third president of the Republic of Armenia, in fact, violated the promise made a year earlier, re-assuming leadership of the country, which required “only” to change the Constitution of the country. Unfortunately, there were no people in his team who would soberly analyze the situation and dare to advise Serzh Sargsyan not to do so. By their cowardice, they contributed to the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan. I believe some of them did it consciously.

And then, unfortunately, the new authorities are following the same path, and sometimes it seems that only actors have changed this year. Any constructive (I emphasize) criticism is perceived with hostility. Instead, the motto of the day remains the statement “there cannot be anything against us”, to which is added a complex of its own infallibility among some state officials of the most diverse caliber (and when did they have time?).

I will give just a few examples.

1. Was it really difficult to predict that fabulous astronomical pre-New Year awards could have caused outrage among the people? By the way, at the expense of our taxpayers. Naturally, no criticism cannot stand the argument, due to "the lawlessness of the previous authorities", "by inertia."

2. Today, issues are raised that in no way proceed from the interests of our state and do not correspond to our national mentality. Yes, they were definitely relevant in the past, and you can have different opinions about some of them, after all, we live in the 21st century and are obliged to accept certain rules of the game that exist in the civilized world. However, the fact is none of the previous authorities had such bold attacks on the Armenian Apostolic Church; LGBT representatives were not so aggressive and demanding their rights, it was even impossible to imagine that the legalization of marijuana would be a matter of debate. Let us be frank, to welcome and explain all this to a developing democracy means to eliminate the national mentality that has developed over the centuries and become cosmopolitan.

3. The government’s personnel policy also does not stand up to any criticism. Yes, there are objective reasons, and maybe this is not so much the fault of the new authorities, as their misfortune.

But to consider this as an excuse is simply not serious. Unfortunately, you can count on the fingers the areas that are managed by real professionals and in fact compassionate people. Yes, a person may be inexperienced in the field of management, but he or she should strive to obtain basic practical knowledge, listening to the advice of experienced experts and a critical approach to himself as a person.

Instead, we are witnessing how young officials, perhaps talented and brilliantly educated, allow themselves to teach professionals with many years of experience, and in many cases simply get rid of them, without embarrassment.

A year ago, when our people rejected Serzh Sargsyan, the hopes of that part of society, which were driven solely by the interests of the state, were connected with the fact that all subsequent steps would be made only in accordance with the RA Constitution. However, events have evolved on a completely different scenario. Good or bad, only time knows. Obviously one thing is clear - this script was written with the support and direct participation of the masses, and this cannot be ignored.

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