Today is International Boxing Day

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International Boxing Day is celebrated on July 22. It has been a socially significant event in Russia since 2017, platforms were made available to all comers to the celebration to try interactive boxing and to take part in a master class conducted by renowned Russian. The culmination of the International Boxing Day 2018 was a boxing show between the Russian and German teams, in which the athletes demonstrated the competitiveness and excitement to the highest level.

Russia is planning an even more upscaled celebration at the Red Square, staging all the boxing actions with the St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin as the backdrop in front of 80,000 crowds. Leading up to the July 22 event this year, AIBA (International boxing association) )will take the initiative to inspire the global boxing community through sharing the greatest boxing stories, organizing quizzes to challenge all the boxing avid and much more to come.

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