Today is International Day of the artist

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Today, December 8, is the International Day of the Artist, which was established in 2007 by the International Association “Art of the Peoples of the World”.

This is not the only date associated with the profession of the artist. Ukraine celebrates this day in October, and in Russia it is celebrated in separate regions on different days - the Kursk region celebrates the Day of the Artist on August 9, and Lipetsk - on December 25.

Some creative associations offer the celebration of October 25, the birthday of Pablo Picasso, whom masters and art connoisseurs consider the greatest artist of the 20th century.

So a consensus on the date in the professional community has not yet developed. But we do not mind: let there be more reasons to congratulate those who bring the beauty of art into our lives.

Artist's Day is a holiday not only for professionals and art lovers. Creativity keeps in person the opportunity to enjoy the world and love it. Therefore, today's holiday is for all lovers of beauty.

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