Sunset of Schengen zone?

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On the eve of April 25, France, represented by President Emmanuel Macron, launched another initiative to create new rules of the game in Europe. Macron proposed to revise the Schengen Agreement and, if necessary, exclude a number of countries from it.

According to him, today these agreements do not work, as a result, according to Macron, “everything is not going the way it should be”.

The French President, first of all, meant the existing gaps in migration policy.

“States that refuse to accept refugees or cannot provide proper border controls should not be part of the Schengen zone. The people are also kept due to their borders. But to be open you need to have boundaries. To accept, you need a house. That is, we need borders, we need rules”.

So, on the one hand, this is simple and understandable, on the other hand, Emmanuel Macron put it a little mysteriously.

What does this statement mean? It is impossible not to notice a definite connection with the burning of the Notre Dame of Paris. Despite the fact that the French secret services almost immediately excluded the version of deliberate arson, we should not forget that there is another “backup” option: the repairs in the temple were most likely conducted by low-skilled workers, including migrants. That is, the cause of a fire could be elementary professional negligence.

However, the French president said as much as he wanted to say. I propose to recall that approximately the same expression was made by Macron in June 2018. At that time, the reason for this was the statement by Vice-Premier of Italy, Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini that his country was not ready to accept the Lifeline and Seefuchs ships, which were then off the coast of Libya. “Let everyone know that Italy is no longer willing to be drawn into the illegal business related to migration,” Salvini stated then.

Earlier, Italy and Malta, ignoring the appeals of the UN and the EU, refused to accept a ship belonging to another public organization - SOS Mediterranee Aquarius. The ship, which was carrying 629 illegal migrants, including children, found refuge in Spanish Valencia. The decision of the Italian and Maltese authorities was sharply criticized by Emmanuel Macron, who called it "irresponsible."

By the way, Italy is not the only country in the Schengen zone that has tightened policies towards migrants. Poland and Hungary also, in fact, refuse to host refugees from the Middle East and Africa. In Germany and Austria, protest actions periodically flare up demanding that migrants not enter the country. Against this background, another statement by the President of France seems quite logical. Everyone should play by the same rules, or part in a civilized way.

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