Gohar Agha Upper Mosque restored in Shushi, Artsakh

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Restoration works on the architectural and religious complex of the 19th century - Gohar Agha Upper Mosque are almost complete in Shushi, the IDeA Foundation press service reports.

Supporting the initiative of the Artsakh government, the Revival of Oriental Historical Heritage Foundation in 2014 launched a program to restore the Upper Mosque. The project is being implemented within the framework of the Artsakh Development Program of the Armenian Development Initiatives Fund (IDeA).

In the framework of the project, the Upper Mosque of Goar Agha was restored in its original form. The building of the madrasah (theological school) was also completely restored, the territory adjacent to the mosque was expanded and landscaped, and a public garden was destroyed. To participate in the restoration, 12 experts from Iran were invited, having extensive experience working with masonry and the restoration of Islamic religious buildings.

The event dedicated to the completion of the restoration of the Upper Mosque will be held on October 14 this year in Shushi.

Gohar Agha Upper Mosque in Shushi, in its current form, was built in 1864 - 1865, thanks to the patron of Gohar Agha and named in his honor.

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