Generosity that does not bring honor to all of us

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On February 11, one of the key figures of the RPA party, Arpine Hovhannisyan, announced her decision to suspend membership in the Republican Party of Armenia.

Her decision was prompted by the Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of the Sixth Convocation explained by the upcoming law practice, as well as by the desire to engage in public, scientific and educational activities. At the same time, she assured: “I will continue to actively participate in sociopolitical processes, deeply analyze the decisions made, and, if necessary, I will not hesitate to refrain from sharp criticism”.

Of course, there was nothing extraordinary in the decision of Arpine Hovhannisyan. Moreover, given that for almost ten months after the change of power, Hovhannisyan quite often received a disrespectful attitude on the part of members of the public, it can be said that this decision was even somewhere late.

Therefore, Hovhannisyan should be commended for having so long managed to confront political opponents and especially merciless criticism from the public, often going beyond the bounds of decency or even morality. She opposed, unlike many members of the party and many men, who for various reasons left the ranks of the RPA or simply left “the English way” or found their warm place in the modern powerful “solitaire”.

At the same time, this step of the parliament former vice-speaker caused some concerns among the more sober-minded and far-sighted representatives of our society.

The situation is such that, with the exception of the Deputy Chairperson of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Armen Ashotyan and the party spokesperson Eduard Sharmazanov, who are particularly different in maintaining the “honor and dignity” of the Republican party in social networks, there are no others elites, nor among ordinary Republicans. In fact, radical revolutionaries who enjoy the 80% support of the citizens of Armenia, who have never concealed their desire for the disintegration of the RPA, have achieved their goal.

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