Stas Namin shot a film on “Ancient temples of Armenia”

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Stas Namin shot a film on “Ancient temples of Armenia”. Namin presented his idea to make a film as follows: “From childhood, Armenia was a magical country for me, which my mother used to say all the time, and my grandfather and his brothers were born in a distant mountain village with a beautiful romantic name Sanahin.

The life of all my relatives is connected with Armenia, and, in fact, it turned out that I myself am Armenian, and for the time being I, who was born and grew up in Moscow, did not understand this”.

According to "Vne Strok" publication, Stas Namin, as a child, came to his historical homeland many times, but these were occasional visits. Only a few years ago, at the invitation of his friend, businessman and philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan, Namin came to Armenia for a long time.

He visited a lot of picturesque places, saw famous historical monuments, numerous ancient temples and filmed it all on camera. As a result, his film appeared, which, in fact, is a kind of appeal by the rocker to his historical and cultural roots.

The famous musician Stas Namin, whose real name is Anastas  Mikoyan, is the grandson of the party leader of the Soviet period Anastas Mikoyan and the cousin grandson of the legendary Soviet designer Artem Mikoyan, the creator of the famous MiG fighters.

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